I believe in trust and innovative abilities. In finding solutiond to worthy issues. To create effects fast and reach a higher purpose.  Mother Earth is bleeding and people go under. The World needs well-feeling and creative people more then ever.
Organisations need to stop “moving the sun-chairs at Titanic” and comply to new requirements from customers and consumers. Businesses need to be innovative and fast-moving to survive. överleva. Leaders need to be proactive and intuitive. Human beings need to frre spiritual, mental and physical power to create new things and services. On all levels.
Change can happen very fast when you know how. I do. My mission is to make difference by catalysing others’ ability to make difference. Improved processes and systems. New vital behaviours. Smarter tools. Richer lives. What change do you desire?

Who are you?

Instant Infusion

Leader of a mid-sized business or project intense organisation

INstant INfusion maximixes the effects with limited resources, You get help to develop and implement new strategies, processes, way of working and helpful behaviours. We cut leadtimes with 50% in your project portfolio or in your change projects. Your projects become efficient, your project managers proactive and you teams engaged and self-going. Your pace of changing, your power to innovate and your ability to deliver simply improve - in a changeable world that is the key of survival.



The entrepreneurial soul or the life affirmative who desires a richer life

Rikedomscoachen (the wealth coach) is connecting your life vision to your business. You will get clear on what you want and get help to create action plans for your life projects. You create growth and profitability through smart business models as well as good mind-sets and habits. Through professional coaching and mental training you will reach your whole potential on all levels. You will get more time, mor money and more energy. Besides, our wealth coach may offer you some sustainable and profitable solutions to true passive incomes.


Influencing Institute

Light worker, relative or friend to addictive or just open for alternatives

INfluencing INstitute is the place where I share my life experiences. I help you to develop your intuition through courses and workshops. I give lectures about my insights and learnings as realitve and friend to many people with addictive diseases. I use my intuition and healing skills to heal emotional and energetical wounds and phobias from this and earlier lives. I remove obstacles tha blocks you from staying fully empowered over time.